Why choose XPS insulation board?

Update:21 Apr 2020

Insulation board is easy to understand is the board for […]

Insulation board is easy to understand is the board for building insulation. The heat preservation board is made of polystyrene resin as raw material plus other raw materials and poly inclusions. It is heated and mixed while injecting the catalyst, and then extruded and extruded into a rigid foam plastic board. It has moisture resistance and waterproof performance. It reduces the thickness of the building's outer envelope, thereby increasing the indoor use area.
The advantages of XPS:
XPS board has a dense surface layer and an inner layer of closed cell structure. Its thermal conductivity is much lower than EPS of the same thickness, so it has better thermal insulation performance than EPS.
For the same building outer wall, its thickness can be smaller than other types of insulation materials; due to the closed cell structure of the inner layer. Therefore, it has good moisture resistance, and can still maintain good thermal insulation performance in a humid environment; it is suitable for buildings with special requirements for thermal insulation such as cold storage, and can also be used for buildings with external wall finishes made of brick or stone ;
Light texture and easy to use: The completely closed-cell foamed chemical structure of XPS board and its honeycomb physical structure make it light, high-strength, easy to cut and transport, and not easy to break and easy to install. Because the fixing method of extruded polystyrene and the base wall is to use mechanical fixing parts. It can be constructed as usual in winter;
Good stability and anti-corrosion: no aging, decomposition or harmful substances during long-term use. Its chemical properties are extremely stable. It will not be degraded due to water absorption and corrosion, and its performance will not be reduced. It can maintain its superior performance. According to relevant information, XPS extruded insulation board can maintain excellent performance even if it is used for 30 to 40 years, and it will not decompose or mildew, and there is no volatilization of toxic substances.