How to distinguish the quality of floor heating insulation board? (2)

Update:07 Sep 2020

1. Smell the smell of materials Break off the material […]

1. Smell the smell of materials
Break off the material board and smell it close to your nose. After a period of air replacement, a good material board is basically tasteless after breaking.
2. Look at the effect of pressing materials
If it takes some effort to leave a few pinched marks on the surface of the material board, it means that the insulation board has a high density, has a good compressive strength, and can prevent ground settlement and cracking. If the insulation board at home can easily pinch dents, it means that the insulation board is not up to standard in compression. It is best not to use such a material board.
3. Look at the raw material of the product
The raw material is a key factor related to the performance of the material board. The material board is made of polystyrene resin, with new materials, recycled materials, secondary recycled materials, multiple recycled materials, etc. Recycled materials generally contain plastics other than polystyrene, and high-temperature processing will release harmful substances such as dioxins, hydrogen chloride, and chlorine. Moreover, the material properties of the recycled materials are unstable, resulting in poor performance and short life span of the finished product.