What are the performance characteristics of floor heating extruded panels?

Update:24 Aug 2020

1. Excellent thermal insulation performance. The extrud […]

1. Excellent thermal insulation performance. The extruded board has the characteristics of high thermal resistance, low linearity, and low expansion ratio. The closed cell rate is over 99%, and the thermal conductivity is 0.028 w/(m•k), which is lower than that of the foam board;
2. Good moisture and water resistance. The closed cell structure of the extruded board is tight, and the polystyrene molecular structure itself does not absorb water, so the water absorption rate of the extruded board is extremely low;
3. High strength and compression resistance. Because of the special structure of extruded panels, the compressive strength of extruded panels of different types and thicknesses can reach more than 150-700kPa, even if they are soaked in water for a long time, they can remain unchanged and can withstand the heating load of various systems;
4. Light texture and high hardness. The completely closed-cell foaming chemical structure and honeycomb physical structure of the floor heating extruded board make it difficult to break and easy to cut and transport;
5. Anti-corrosion, stable performance and durable. The floor heating extruded board has extremely stable chemical properties, will not be degraded by water absorption or corrosion, and can still maintain superior performance in high temperature environments;
6. Environmental protection is harmless. Floor heating extruded panels will not undergo differentiation and mildew, and will not evaporate harmful substances. The use of floor heating extruded panels will not cause any household pollution.