How to choose the specifications of bathroom waterproof panel in home improvement?

Update:27 Apr 2020

The bathroom is always wet in a humid environment all y […]

The bathroom is always wet in a humid environment all year round, so it is prone to seepage, mildew and other phenomena. Over time, it may damage the walls of the house. In order to better protect the bathroom, many people choose to install waterproof boards in the bathroom. What are the specifications of the bathroom waterproof board, and how to choose the bathroom waterproof board?
First of all, according to the different lengths, the specifications of the waterproof panel are generally between 500-1800 mm, but the longest may be 6000 mm.
 Secondly, according to different widths, the specifications of the waterproof board are 500 mm, 600 mm, 1100 mm to 1900 mm.
Finally, according to the thickness, the specifications of the waterproof board are 3-8mm, even 20-50mm.
How to choose high-quality bathroom waterproof board?
First, look
  No matter what kind of material is the bathroom waterproof board, if the workmanship is very rough, it seems that there are some problems such as holes, pimples, cracks and missing edges.
Second, look at the thickness
  The thickness of a good bathroom waterproof board is the same, not thick in some places, thin in some places. We can observe the four sides of the waterproof board, if there is no obvious thickness change, it is a qualified product.
3. Test
  We can test it in two ways. One is to freeze it in the refrigerator, and then drip water onto the wooden board to see if it can penetrate into it. The second is to put it in the refrigerator for about two hours to check for cracks. If they all pass, they are qualified products.
4. Logo
  Check whether the bathroom waterproof board has certifications, trademarks, specifications, etc. If it is produced by a regular manufacturer, it should be available, and the handwriting should be clear. If no manufacturer is sure to be incomplete, then do n’t be greedy for small profits.
The above is the specifications and selection methods of the bathroom waterproof board. The pattern of the waterproof board is not much, mainly based on practicality, so the focus of selection should be on how to select products with guaranteed quality.