What is the difference between extruded board, polystyrene board, and extruded polystyrene foam board? (1)

Update:08 May 2020

The main uses of the three are different: 1. The main p […]

The main uses of the three are different:
1. The main purpose of extruded plastic board: building roof insulation, steel structure roof, building wall insulation, building ground moisturizing, square ground, ground frost heave control, central air conditioning ventilation duct, airport runway insulation layer, high-speed railway Roadbed
2. The main purpose of polystyrene board: used as insulation layer of building wall, roof insulation, composite insulation board; insulation material of vehicle, ship refrigeration equipment and cold storage; various models of decoration and carving.
3. The main purpose of extruded polystyrene foam board: widely used in dry wall insulation, flat concrete roof and steel structure roof insulation, low-temperature storage ground, low-temperature floor auxiliary radiation heating heating pipe, parking platform, airport Moisture-proof and heat-insulation in the fields of runways and highways, and control of ground frost heave, are currently inexpensive, high-quality thermal and moisture-proof materials in the construction industry.
The three are essentially different:
1. The essence of extruded board: rigid foam insulation material.
2. The essence of polystyrene board: it is made of expandable polystyrene beads containing volatile liquid foaming agent, which is a white solid with a fine closed-cell structure which is heated and molded in a mold after being preheated by heating.
3. The essence of extruded polystyrene foam plastic board: the material continuously extruded and foamed by a special process.