Maintain proper thermal insulation

Update:03 Jan 2020

If you want to install foam board insulation materials […]

If you want to install foam board insulation materials in the home or office, it may be the most effective insulation material of your choice. Per inch in the thickness range, which provides high value of R from R-4 to R-8, and almost three times the value of the fiberglass insulation. R represents the value of heat resistance of the heat-insulating material, and therefore the higher the R-value, the better the insulation effect. Even further, an insulating layer is thicker than the insulating layer thickness, but if the R values ​​are identical, they will be equal to the insulation. An interesting fact is that a one-inch insulating layer is equal to thirty inches of concrete. Remember that the best, if there is leakage of air or moisture, R value of the insulation layer will reduce the housing. This is why the foam board insulation is very important reason is installed correctly.
There are three types of foam board insulation. Polystyrene is a colorless, transparent thermoplastics, for manufacturing a cold box. Polyisocyanurate plastics containing ester is a low electrical conductivity gas. Polyurethane is a closed cell foam, it may also contain a low conductivity gas. You can foam board using an adhesive insulating layer is directly applied in the concrete wall, so as to be fixed in position.
However, if this method is used, it is necessary to cover with a fire panel or drywall. Foam board insulation layer is usually provided between the external walls of the housing (bricks or vinyl) and the external walls of the staple. You should rigid insulating plates secured tightly together, and the sealing seam with sealant. This keeps air away from your home or office. Right from the start to do this will help prevent future mold problems. When installing foam board insulation materials, you may want to consider another problem is insects. Insects such insulating material will not eat, but they can dig in the insulating material. Preferably ascertain whether the manufacturer of the foam board has been treated with pesticides or the like perborate. When you use it, you may want to deal with building a house or around the Earth with this insecticide.
When you are ready to cut foam insulation board, it is best to use small handsaw. One of these serrations are saw will produce a small amount of foam powder, dust easily. Another tip is not to use an insulating material before placing it in the sun. The sun may have a negative impact on the value of R, which may reduce the effectiveness of insulation. Preferably the insulating material is covered prior to use, because all the foam board will absorb water vapor. As we all know, increase the insulation layer house or office will inevitably save money and energy for us. At the same time, you will help to protect the environment by restricting the use of non-renewable resources. This is all of us can help protect our planet a small way.

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