What is the foam insulation board?

Update:11 Jan 2020

Houses and buildings must be equipped with suitable ins […]

Houses and buildings must be equipped with suitable insulation material to resist the outside temperature and prevent heat loss. In walls, roofs, ceilings, pipes and even have a proper thermal insulation on the floor it is essential. And piping insulation prevent water pipes freezing in the winter. This will provide home and business owners save hundreds of dollars in maintenance and replacement costs. In short, regardless of the size of the house or building insulation are important. As has been the need for efficient, affordable price and convenient insulating material, depending on the application, there are now a variety of insulating materials to choose from. Wherein the insulating plate comprises a foam.
These plates are widths from 1.5 "to 4" panel. The most common material used is polyurethane foam insulation and phenolic foam. Other common materials are polystyrene and poly isocyanurates. Most of the foam board is made of CFC, but there is a new process involves the use of water in the foaming stage. The most suitable insulation panels for walls, floors, ceilings and roofs.
These plates are not flexible, but the foam insulation materials can also be used for pipe insulation liner. In addition to walls and ceilings and include an insulated pipe and a vent, such as lightweight plate and fire. To cover a curved surface, the plates are often cut and connected with an adhesive. Joint is also sealed to ensure little air leakage. To enhance its thermal properties, the majority of both surfaces of the foam board are lined with a thin layer of aluminum. It will depend on the thickness of the aluminum plate mounting region.
Installation and standards
When selecting the board, please note that the R-value. Representative R-value heat-resistant insulating material. For some materials, the higher the R-value may also lead to higher prices. The price also depends on these boards installed in the old or new house. When using professional insulating material, preferably also check the air tightness. If the gaps and cracks in the hot or cold air to infiltrate your house, the installation will become useless.
Insulation panels for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC). Thus, they are preferably a licensed professional (typically heating engineer) is mounted.

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