FAQ - under-floor insulation board

Update:28 Dec 2019

People choose a variety of methods to get rid of the co […]

People choose a variety of methods to get rid of the cold weather and cold. Some use carpet, some use an electric heater, and some even choose to under-floor insulation system, this is indeed a very useful method of insulation.
The system is operated with the aid of the insulation board, insulation board specially designed to accept all tiles aqueous adhesive, and strong bonding, without any further primer.
For many people, this is a relatively new concept, some of the problems associated with this system so that people have to rethink.
In this article, we will discuss all the topics that most people need recommendations.
How to improve the insulation performance of the system?
With high-quality insulation, heat loss slows down the process into the subfloor. This can speed up the initial warm-up time and reduce electricity bills. This improves overall performance.
What is the tile support plate, they are useful?
These plates are also referred to building panels composed of an inner layer, the inner layer coated well with the help of an outer surface of the reinforced to provide additional rigidity.
This additional rigidity so that the plate can be used as building wall tiling. These plates most suitable for use in wet conditions.
What kind of insulation can provide the best overall performance?
The best choice for extruded polystyrene foam, to obtain the best all-round performance. This is because polystyrene has high compressive strength and high insulation performance, which allows the system to withstand long-term static loads, corrosion-resistant, waterproof and easy to handle, lightweight and easy to cut or shape.
What is a fast warm plate, how strong degree?
These types of insulating plates using polystyrene extruded foam manufacturing, and without the use of CFC or HCFC blowing agents for the production. These plates are designed to meet the stringent requirements of high compressive strength and high thermal performance.
You can use it Fastwarm system in each case?
The rooms are small people because of its inherent advantages can also select the system. Compared to standard building panel, the system has approximately twice the compressive strength.
These panels need any special adhesives?
Yes, for the concrete subfloor, you need to quickly cure a flexible floor tile adhesive. Added to these flexible adhesive would allow each specific polymer by a tiled floor contraction and thermal expansion movement.

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