XPS insulation board application range and selection method

Update:21 Sep 2019

Insulation board scope 1. Building roof insulation, ste […]

Insulation board scope
1. Building roof insulation, steel structure roof, building wall insulation, building floor moisturizing, square ground, ground frost heave control, central air conditioning ventilation duct, etc.
2, the ground moisture-proof insulation layer, widely used in the bottom layer of various buildings, moisture-proof, under the roadbed of highways, railways and airport runways in the alpine region, can control the thermal expansion and contraction of the floor tiles, and has an excellent structural load-bearing effect.
3, interior decoration, advertising board, widely used in interior decoration, ceiling, sound insulation wall, sandwich door filling materials, to play the role of heat insulation, sound insulation, moisturizing, weight reduction. The board is added with a fire retardant during the production process and is therefore not easily burned. Can also be widely used in advertising companies to produce various types of advertising boards.
Construction method
According to the size of the polystyrene board on the construction surface of the site, apply or scrape the bonding glue and stick it to the wall surface.
External wall insulation
1, the wall
2, dry powder construction adhesive
3. Flame-retardant polyphenyl rigid foam board adopts high-performance EPS and XPS polystyrene board. The two products are selected for different customer needs. The thickness of the product is determined according to the requirements of different engineering projects.
4, dry powder plastering glue
5, high-strength glass fiber mesh cloth can provide the overall strength and impact resistance of the system, while preventing the surface layer cracking. The number of mesh layers can be determined according to design requirements.
6. The finishing layer is decorative materials such as paints and tiles.

Method of choosing
1. Select high quality qualified XPS extruded board, generally preferred material: PS native material.
The film is characterized by good film formation, large molecular weight and long molecular chain. The foaming pores form a good film during the extrusion foaming process, forming a uniform cell structure, the cell wall structure is thin, and the product has high compressive strength. After the small pieces of the handcuffs are pinched, they have good resilience. It has a very low thermal conductivity ≤0.030, a high quality sheet of 0.028-0.029 (W/mk), a compressive strength of ≥200kpa, a water absorption of ≤0.01, and a high physical stability. The product has reached the national national standard GB/T10801-2002. (referred to as standard board) and the flame retardant self-extinguishing according to fire meets fire protection standards. The reference price is 700-800 yuan / m3.
2. Enterprises with good quality and credit guarantee should be selected.
The inflow of low quality and low price XPS on the market has caused confusion in the industry. Use poor quality inferior recycled materials and use foaming water or use flammable propane or butane foam as foaming agent. Lower bulk density ≤30kg/m3, recycled material, (old material) after repeated high temperature and pressure and shear The cutting effect, the molecular chain is shortened, the molecular weight becomes smaller, the porosity is larger, the foaming film formation is poor, the pore formation is poor, the pore wall becomes thicker, the hardness becomes larger, the elasticity is poor, the product life becomes shorter, and the heat insulation is separated. Thermal performance deteriorates. Handcing the small pieces of the product by hand, and not rebounding after hard pressing, resulting in problems in product quality, affecting the correct selection and use of XPS by the industry, and no quality and credit guarantee by low quality and low price. Some manufacturers choose to use relatively poor recycled materials containing impurities. Generally, they are not subjected to filtration processing, and are used after grinding. The foaming materials contain impurities by reducing the cost, and the expansion ratio and foaming strength are not achieved. Fire retardant is generally not flame retardant, which may cause engineering hazards and unsafe factors, and it is impossible to achieve user's use effect and use standards. The market price is 280-320 yuan / m3.
3. Consider XPS by industry level.
Depending on the compressive strength, water absorption and thermal conductivity, different grades are selected.