XPS insulation board advantages

Update:12 Sep 2019

Performance characteristics thermal insulation It has h […]

Performance characteristics
thermal insulation
It has high thermal resistance, low linearity and low expansion ratio. Its closed cell ratio is over 99%, forming a vacuum layer to avoid air flow and heat dissipation, ensuring long-lasting and stable thermal insulation performance, 80% relative to foamed polyurethane. The closed cell rate, the leading edge is self-evident. Practice has proved that 20mm thick XPS extruded insulation board, its insulation effect is equivalent to 50mm thick expanded polystyrene, 120mm thick cement perlite. Therefore, this material is the best choice for building insulation.
High strength compression
Due to the special structure of XPS board, its compressive strength is extremely high and its impact resistance is extremely strong. According to the different types and thicknesses of XPS, its compressive strength reaches 150~500Kpa, it can withstand the ground load of each system, and is widely used in geothermal engineering. Expressway, airport runway, square ground, large cold storage and interior decoration and insulation.
Drowning, moisture proof
Water absorption is an important parameter for measuring insulation. After the water absorbing material absorbs water, the heat preservation performance decreases. At low temperature, the inhaled water is easy to freeze, which destroys the structure of the heat insulating material, thereby lowering the compressive and heat insulating properties of the plate. Since the molecular structure of polystyrene itself does not absorb water, the molecular structure of the plate is stable and has no gap, which solves problems such as water leakage, penetration, frosting and condensation of other materials.
Light texture and easy to use
The fully closed-cell foaming chemical structure of XPS board and its honeycomb-like physical structure make it light and high-strength, easy to cut and transport, and not easy to break and easy to install.
Good stability and corrosion resistance
Long-term use, no aging, no decomposition, no harmful substances, its chemical properties are extremely stable, will not be degraded by water absorption and corrosion, its performance will be degraded, and its superior performance can be maintained in high temperature environment. According to the relevant information, XPS extruded insulation board can maintain excellent performance even if it is used for 30 to 40 years, and will not decompose or mold, and no toxic substances will volatilize.
Product environmental protection
The XPS board has been tested by the relevant state departments for its stable chemical properties, non-volatile and harmful substances, and is harmless to the human body. The production materials are environmentally friendly materials and do not cause any industrial pollution. This product is an environmentally friendly building material.