What are the characteristics of bathroom waterproof panels? (2)

Update:14 Jul 2020

1. High mechanical strength-bathroom waterproof panel h […]

1. High mechanical strength-bathroom waterproof panel has good mechanical strength, tensile strength at break is 28MPa, elongation at break is 700%
2. Low cost and high efficiency—HDPE waterproof board adopts new technology to improve the anti-seepage effect, but the production process is more scientific and fast, so the product cost is lower than traditional waterproof materials. The actual engineering calculation using HDPE waterproof board should save Cost about 50%
3. Fast construction speed-the waterproof board has high flexibility, there are various specifications and various laying forms to meet the anti-seepage requirements of different projects, hot-melt welding is adopted, the weld strength is high, the construction is convenient, fast and healthy
4. Environmental protection and non-toxicity-The materials used in the waterproof board are non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials. The principle of anti-seepage is ordinary physical changes, and does not produce any harmful substances. It is a good choice for environmental protection, breeding, and drinking water pools.