How to make the bathroom waterproof?

Update:20 Jul 2020

Have you ever encountered a lot of water in the bathroo […]

Have you ever encountered a lot of water in the bathroom when you were in the bathroom? Do you see a lot of water droplets on the tiles on the bathroom wall? This is actually the bathroom waterproof work is not done well, so many friends asked how to do the bathroom waterproof work after all? Let's listen to Xiaobian talk for everyone!
Floor tile waterproofing: First of all, our ground must be level and clean (the base surface must be free of debris and oil stains), and the base surface should be moistened; excellent pipe roots, floor drains, drains, yin and yang corners on the ground and walls are leaking. All parts should be dealt with first, and lay the foundation for the construction behind. When renovating the bathroom, the floor tiles or stone should be fully waterproof under the surface layer, use cement mortar to level the ground, apply good quality waterproof paint, and then lay a layer of 1 to 2 cement Mortar serves as a tie layer. Put up decorative materials such as floor tiles, and after watering, use wooden boards to pat it, when it reaches the level and strong and the joints are tight. The treatment of laminar water above the ground should be slope-to-floor, without flooding or accumulation of water. After 24 hours of storage experiment, no leakage is required.
Waterproofing of wall surface: It is an important procedure for waterproofing of bathroom wall surface. Coating film should be used for waterproof construction. The performance of the waterproof material should comply with the regulations of the current relevant national standards, and there should be a product qualification certificate; the surface of the bottom layer should be flat without defects such as hollowing, sanding, cracking, etc., and the moisture content of the bottom layer should meet the construction request of the waterproof material; The ground extends to the wall, 250MM above the ground. The waterproof degree of the wall of the bathroom by the shower head should not be less than 1800MM; the waterproof layer of the coating film should be evenly painted, and the general thickness should not be less than 1.5MM. The joints of feet, floor drains and drains are tightly closed and smooth without leakage. After the waterproof project is completed, it is necessary to do a 24-hour water storage experiment. Look for slopes on the ground in the direction of the floor drain. Cement mortar or bean stone concrete can be used, but the surface should be smooth. The slope of the entrance is small, and the slope of the floor drain is large, according to the specific situation. If the ground is uneven, it may be unevenly applied when the waterproof coating is applied, or it may simply crack on the ground because of unevenness, even if the waterproof coating is applied, it will also crack on the ground.
Seam waterproof: brush the seam in place. The joints between the bathroom wall and the ground and the joints between the upper and lower water pipes and the ground are the localities where the problem is simple. During construction, you must urge the workers to deal with these corners and corners, so the waterproof paint must be applied in place. Apply directly to the base surface with a brush or roller brush, applying force evenly, and not to miss the brush. Generally, it should be at least 2 times. The thickness of the brush together does not exceed 1mm, not the thicker the better; wait for the previous one Slightly dry and then apply the final brush, usually 1-2 hours away. The final brush is straight and cross. The total thickness of the brush is generally 1-2mm; assuming that the coating is now cured, apply another layer When moistened with clean water before construction.
The above is the introduction about the waterproof work of the bathroom. Everyone should not ignore the work of the small public such as the waterproof of the bathroom. Although the amount of engineering is small, it can have a great impact on the future life. Every owner must do a good job of waterproofing the bathroom when they are renovating!