Xps insulation board features

Update:23 Nov 2019

Thermal insulation materials and industrial equipment, […]

Thermal insulation materials and industrial equipment, piping, insulation measures and the use of airgel material was first used on NASA space suit developed insulation lining. Having a low coefficient of thermal conductivity, low density, high flexibility, fire water and other characteristics. Room-temperature thermal conductivity of 0.018W / (K · m) and be completely waterproof, insulating performance 3-8 times that of conventional materials. [1-2]
Having a low thermal conductivity, low density, high flexibility, fireproof insulating lining on the water and other characteristics.
Light weight, general 10-96kg / m3,20kg / m3 or less is felt, 24-48kg / m3 was rigid board, 48-96kg / m3 was rigid plate, wherein 48kg / m³ can be ceiling, a softening point of 500 ° C left, insulation 300 ° C, a large amount of the United States, k = 0.9.
Calcium silicate insulation products domestic 1970s successfully developed, high compressive strength, low thermal conductivity, construction convenient, reusable features, is widely used in the power system.
Most popular for domestic small cottage, after successive introduction of four production lines from the United States, advanced technology, instant speed thrown into fiber, needle felt dry, stable quality, temperature 800-1250 ° C.
Features: 2.0 or more derivative acidity, high temperature, typically 1000 ° C plurality chemical pipeline, with this material must. Melting temperature of about 2000 ° C.
Polystyrene foam and polyurethane foam, but the main problem in building applications products. Used for steel mesh sandwich panel, color steel composite sandwich panels, although there are some restrictions, but rapid development, with the construction of fireproof material requirements more stringent, raised new issues for the material applications.
Excess heat insulation material may be collected, timely released steadily, small gradient changes, effectively reduce the amount of loss, room temperature trend, winter insulation can play a role in the balance. In new building decoration and transformation of old buildings, wall cracks overcome, condensation, mildew, and other inherent shortcomings of peeling; safe and integrally bonded with the substrate, good randomness, void-free, to avoid tearing and negative air pressure off. Behind the splicing plate effectively overcome rib, outer sun angle warped modified tile off problems. And the organic material present in the main wall of the substrate to form the free acid compound, micro pore penetration main wall, community is formed, to ensure that dry adhesion, wet adhesion and improved preservation rate, with excellent adhesion. Floating bead selection, brucite fibers (fiber tube) or the like material, which structure forms a closed microporosity hydrophobic cavity structure, the phase change material as a carrier, the phase change material to ensure long-term usefulness.