Insulation materials research and development background

Update:26 Oct 2019

Traditional insulation materials is to improve gas poro […]

Traditional insulation materials is to improve gas porosity, conductivity and reduce the thermal coefficient based. Fiber insulation material to make the convective heat and radiative heat transfer increases in the environment of use, must have a thicker coating layer; and profile based inorganic insulation materials of construction to be assembled, the presence of multiple joints, detrimental to appearance, water poor, defects such as short life. For this reason, people have been seeking on A new material can greatly increase the heat reflective properties of the insulation material.
In the 1990s, the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) scientists to solve the problem of aircraft and aerospace heat transfer control to develop a new type of reflective insulation space porcelain (Therma-Cover) used, the material is suspended in an inert by a number of the latex fine particles composed of ceramic, which has high reflectivity, high thermal emissivity properties, low thermal conductivity, low coefficient of thermal storage and the like, has excellent heat reflection function.

This high-tech material from the aerospace industry in a foreign country to promote the use of the people, for buildings and industrial facilities, and has been exported to our country, for some large industrial facilities. But the drawback is that the material US $ 20 / kg price is really expensive so many domestic industry hope was disappointed, unbearable. Thus, quietly set off a wave of domestic research and development of new thermal insulation materials, and has successfully developed the first in the domestic industry with high efficiency, thin, energy-saving insulation, decorative waterproof in one of the new space reflective insulation coatings.

The selection of a coating with excellent heat resistance, weather resistance, corrosion resistance and water resistance of acrylic emulsion and an aqueous emulsion of fluorocarbon film material, use very fine particles known as space age hollow ceramic filler material, the hollow ceramic more grains obtained coating film combination arrangement configuration, its sun 400 to heat the visible and near infrared region of the high reflection 1800nm ​​range while introducing very low thermal conductivity of air in the coating film microporous layer to insulate heat transfer. Thus by significantly impedance reinforcement reflecting solar heat and convection transfer, can effectively reduce the radiation heat transfer and convection heat, thereby reducing the thermal equilibrium temperature of the surface, can roof highest temperature decrease 20 ℃, the indoor temperature is lowered 5 ~ 10 ℃ . Product adiabatic level to R-33.3, heat reflectance of 89%, a thermal conductivity of 0.030W / m.K.